2023 Panini National Treasures Racing Hobby Box
2023 Panini National Treasures Racing Hobby Box

2023 Panini National Treasures Racing Hobby Box

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2023 Panini National Treasures Racing Hobby Box

Every Box contains Four Autographs, Three Memorabilia Cards & One Base or Parallel!

The biggest program of the season arrives with 2023 National Treasures Racing!

Look for exciting new booklets like Daytona Legacy and Dual Matetrial Signatures booklets!

Find a White Sparkle pack per box that contains exclusive White Sparkle Prizms or a one of one autograph!

Hunt the ultra-rare Cut Signatures featuring pioneers, Hall of Fame drivers and fan favorites from the 75 years of NASCAR!

Find 4 autographs and 3 memorabilia cards per box, on average!


NASCAR DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY SIGNATURES: Celebrate the 75th anniversary of NASCAR with this autograph set featuring some of the biggest names in NASCAR history!

SIGNATURES TRACK PASS: For the first time ever, full-bleed photography arrives in National Treaures Racing and is paired with an on-card autograph!

THREE WIDE SIGNATURES: Not 1, not 2 but 3 on-card autographs on one card! Look for teammate trios, famous car number triples and more!

PREMIUM PATCHES / FIRESUIT SIGNATURES / CUT SIGNATURES: Find autographed memorabilia cards, jumbo pathc autos and ultra-rare Cut Signatures of some of the greatest drivers/legends in NASCAR history spread throughout the product!

JUMBO FIRESUIT SIGNATURE BOOKLET: Fan favorite booklets can be found 1 per box, on average and include an autograph and jumbo memorabilia or two pieces or memorabilia!

RISING STARS: Search for autographs of the next generation of drivers in sets like Rookie Patch Autographs, Retro Rookie Materials Autographs and Rising Stars!

TREASURED MOMENTS: Some of the most jaw-dropping, action packed and OMG! moments are highlighted for the first time in Treasured Moments!

8 Cards per Box

2023/24 Panini Crown Royale Basketball Hobby Box

Every Box contains One Autograph, One Memorabilia Card & Two Inserts or Parallels!

Crown Royale returns with its one-of-a-kind die-cut designs and an incredible selection of Inserts, Parallels and Autographs!

Find 1 Autograph per box of the top NBA superstars, legends and rookies including the highly sought after Rookie Silhouettes in prime and super-prime versions! Look for autographs in the all new sets Royal Rookie Showcase, Treasured Autographs and Noblemen (#'d /99 to 1)!

Also find 1 Memorabilia card per box in sets such as Heirs to the Throne, Knights of the Round Table, Coat of Arms and Monarch Memorabilia!

Search for insert sets including Rookie Royalty, Sno Globe, Test of Time, Pillars of the Game and Hand Crafted! Also look for the super short-printed Kaboom, Kaboom Gold (#'d /10) and the all new one-of-one Kaboom Green!

Chase after Base parallels such as Base Crystal, Base Crystal Blue (#'d /99), Base Crystal Pink (#'d /75), Base Crystal Red (#'d /49), Base Crystal Purple (#'d /25), Base Crystal Gold (#'d /10), Base Crystal Platinum (#'d /1) as well as the new Base Royalty Parallel!


ROYAL ROOKIE SHOWCASE / SILHOUETTES / ROOKIE SILHOUETTES: Chase after patch autograph cards of legends, vets and rookies in the returning sets Rookie Silhouettes, Silhouettes and Kings Court Jersey Auto! Also, chase after the brand new Royal Rookie Showcase set!

BASE / KABOOM: Find randomly inserted Base parallels such as Base Crystal, Base Crystal Blue (#'d /99), Base Crystal Pink (#'d /75), Base Crystal Red (#'d /49), Base Crystal Purple (#'d /25), Base Crystal Gold (#'d /10), Base Crystal Platinum (#'d /1), as well as the new Base Royalty Parallel! Also, search for the new one-of-one Kaboom Green which can only be found in Hobby Boxes!

CROWN JEWEL SIGNATURES / TREASURED AUTOGRAPHS / FUTURE KINGS SIGNATURES: Search for autographs of the top legends, vets and rookies in the popular Future Kings Signatures, Royal Signatures, Majestic Signatures, Regal Achievement Signatures and Crown Jewel Signatures! Also find the new autograph sets Treasured Autographs and Noblemen (#'d /99 to 1)!

8 Cards per Box

2022/23 Panini Chronicles Soccer Hobby Box

Every Box contains Three Autographs/Memorabilia Cards & Twelve Parallels!

Chronicles Soccer returns for the 2022-23 Season with more than 15 Panini brands combined into one collection!

Collect cards from all 20 Premier League teams, 20 Serie A teams & 20 La Liga Teams from popular brands such as Prizm, Gold Standard and Phoenix!

Look for 12 parallels per box in 2022-23 Chronicles Soccer including serial numbered and Silver parallels

Unwrap 3 Autograph or Memorabilia cards per box. Look for signers from the past and present of the Premier League, Serie A & La Liga in Inserts such as Origins Autographs.

Hunt for three different Autograph + Memorabilia Inserts in Limited Jersey Autos, Silhouettes from Crown Royal and the eponymous Cornerstones!


ORIGINS / ESSENTIALS / DYNAGON: The Chronicles base set includes a variety of Panini brands including some of the most popular brands such as Panini, Playoff, and Illusions as well as the soccer debut of Dynagon, Phoenix and Essentials!

- Silver
- Red (#'d/99)
- Blue (#'d/49)
- Orange Ice (#'d/23)
- Gold (#'d/10)
- Platinum (#'d/1)

CONTENDERS OPTIC ROOKIE TICKET: Rookies are the name of the game in Chronicles. Find top debutants represented in multiple cardsets including the popular Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket.

CONTENDERS AUTOGRAPHS: Look for a roster of autographs including legends and prospects in cardsets from Origins, Contenders, Limited and more.

GOLD RUSH: Open new for 2022-23 Memorabilia Inserts from brands including Elements, Zenith, and more!

- Silver (Max #'d/99)
- Gold (Max #'d/10)
- Platinum (Max #'d/1)

3 Packs per Box, 15 Cards per Pack